Welcome to the website for friends of the White Yellow Cross Care Foundation St. Maarten. After hurricane Irma, several initiatives were set up to support the foundation. This site lists these initiatives, so you can support and/or follow us.

Regular blogs will be given on how received donations are used. This will allow you, the donors, to see direct results of all money raised.


How to donate or support

If you want to help our foundation in rebuilding the lives of our clients and colleagues, you can do the following:

  • You can support one of the initiatives that are already set up to raise funds for the White Yellow Cross Care Foundation.
  • You can donate money directly to the White Yellow Cross Care Foundation as follows:

Name bank : Windward Island Bank
Address bank : Clem Labega Square, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

Name account holder : Stichting Wit Gele Kruis
Address account holder : Front Street 35, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

Account number : 21738400 (US dollar account)

Please state that it is for ‘Hurricane Irma assistance’ or ‘Hurricane Irma donation’.

Your help is needed and deeply appreciated.                   

The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation is also open for other initiatives to support our recovery from hurricane Irma. Please contact us with your ideas or suggestions:


Rebuilding lives

On September 6th, monster hurricane Irma tore through our island and all our departments. Luckily our buildings stood up well, leaving mostly cosmetic damages to deal with. This was a blessing for those clients that reside with us, who were safe both during and after the storm.

However, we care for an additional 240 clients who live in their own homes, clients who receive district nursing services and clients with intellectual disabilities or have a psychogeriatric disorder (like dementia) who attend our Daycares. Forty-five of these home based clients were deeply affected by this storm. With damages ranging from lost roofs to completely imploded homes, these families lost everything. These are the most vulnerable residents of our island, who need your help the most!

The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation wants to help these clients to quickly rebuild and restore their lives. We will implement a rebuilding program that we design, execute and oversee ourselves to ensure that every donation is spent 100% on their recovery. It will be done under strict supervision of our dedicated board members and management. Cash will not be given but materials will be bought, labor will be paid and contractors will execute professional renovations that will withstand our climate. This way, your donation will be used for sustainable solutions, which will make a lasting difference in the lives of our clients.

Besides the major damages to our home-based clients, 60 of our 140 staff were also affected by this hurricane. From these 60 employees, 40 lost everything. Their home, their furniture, clothing, everything. The majority of these 40 most affected employees were at work during and after Irma and only days after returned home to assess their losses for the first time. Since then, some have found a temporary place to stay with relatives, others sleep in our staff shelter in our classroom and a few even sleep in their car in front of their broken homes. These employees are the backbone of our foundation. They deliver care to the most needy and now they have become in need themselves.

Our goal is to raise enough funds that we can also help these colleagues back on their feet again. Monies donated will be used to address their most urgent needs. This can be: materials and labor to rebuild a home (if they are home owners), purchasing household items to move back home, repairing a car to get to and from work, replace lost clothing etc.

Our board and Operations Manager will personally oversee the spending of every dollar, euro and guilder donated. Updates on our rebuilding efforts will be documented and shared so you can see your donations at work!

Your help is needed and deeply appreciated.

Michel Soons, president of the board.


So far, the following projects have been set up by different friends of the WYCCF (White Yellow Cross Care Foundation):

All of the initiatives are deeply appreciated!  

Michiel Vermaak, doctor for people with intellectual disabilities,download started a fundraising action to collect money to bring to the WYCCF with his next visit in November. He visits the Foundation twice a year to support the care to the clients. For more information check his site.


Eline and Peter, both living and working on St. Maarten (Eline at WYCCF), started a Fundraiser on GoFundMe. They have various goals to be able to help out directly where needed. They will use some of the donations to help out local colleagues who suffered damages.

Camille.PNGCamille works at the WYCCF as a speech and language therapist. After hurricane Irma she went to the Netherlands for a short break. Camille collected money from friends and family for the WYCCF. With this donation she, and all the people who donated, will help to rebuild the homes of the colleagues who lost their own.

IMG_7129[1]Sharon van der Elst and Bart Eeken have been visiting the island for years and feel very strongly connected to the island. Bart has been active as DJ at the New Years Eve-party for Holland Heineken Beach House for several years now. The couple, struck by the damages, decided to start a crowd fund action (doneeractie.nl) and raised more then they expected. They heard about the work of theWYCCF and decided that they wanted to support this. The focus on sustainable rebuilding, without involvement of government, was exactly what they were looking for. On behalf of all the people who donated to them, they will donate 16.500 euro. They will also spend around 2.500 euro to purchase items like baby milk and diapers to ship to the WYCCF.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.05.27Restaurant Karakter from Curacao donated soon after the hurricane directly to the WYCCF to support us. Before they opened Karakter Curacao, they started their business on Sint Maarten and are still very connected to the island. By donating to WYCCF they are confident it will be used to help those that need it most.


Lianne van Driel visits the island regularly to support the Ambulance Department in Sint Maarten. During these visits she has contact with the WYCCF. Several people asked her after the hurricane how they could help where needed. She decided to raise donations to bring when she is coming again to the island end of October so she can support the WYCCF in their activities.

img_71311.pngCaroline van Oost, working as psychologist at the WYCCF, has been active to collect donations from friends and family. She got a lot of questions about where to donate, where to support and decided to take action to streamline this. This resulted also in this website so all the efforts come together.



The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) is a not-for-profit private foundation without governmental influence.

Its unpaid voluntary board members are: Michel Soons, Roland Duncan, Francis Carty, Jon Duijnstee, Paul van Vliet, Grace Spencer and Marcel Gumbs. 

The foundation offers 10 care products to more than 300 clients. These are:

  1. Elderly Care
  2. Nursing Home Care
  3. Rehabilitation Center
  4. Psychogeriatric Daycare
  5. District Nursing
  6. Home Care
  7. Maternity Care
  8. Daycare for intellectual disabilities
  9. Residence for intellectual disabilities
  10. Guided Living for intellectual disabilities

After our current expansion projects are completed, the foundation will open Sint Maarten’s first Hospice and several care products will expand in capacity, reducing our long waiting lists.

For more information, go to the Facebook-page of the foundation.